Lonneke Kronenburg

Content Marketeer

“Anything you say might be used in a story”

Marketing and communication is my profession, but text really is my thing. I enjoy it immensely when I can put my creativity on paper. Preferably with a touch of humor. Give me a pen or pencil and I write, give me a keyboard and I type. I prefer to write about substantive topics with an innovative twist. These are texts of which I can learn a thing or two: what is possible with the newest technologies and what does this mean for the environment in which we find ourselves?

Fortunately, within CQM I can work with this type of content on a daily basis. "Do you want to work in between great minds?" it was stated in the vacancy text. Who would not want that? Obviously, this means the smartest people: mathematicians, statisticians, econometrists and now also a copywriter.

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