New ideas don’t only come from a drive for greater sustainability and improved efficiency. Being at the forefront in these areas is a must if you want to be competitive. And calls for quantitatively- informed strategic choices and optimized operations.

In recent years, CQM has carried out a number of successful projects in the energy market. By applying our specific knowledge of forecasting and mathematical optimization, we have been able to provide real added value for a variety of customers in the energy sector.

Heating company, Rotterdam

WBR commissioned CQM to develop an optimization model for a complex network of production machines and lines in and around Rotterdam, in order to determine the optimum use of machines based on demand and price. As a result, several heating suppliers can work together to achieve cost savings and contribute to sustainability objectives.


Essent commissioned CQM to develop optimization software that can quantify the effect of a change to a heating network. Making it easy to calculate investment decisions and thus determine profitability and Return On Investment.


For TenneT, CQM has developed methods for estimating net losses on the electricity grid. On the basis of these predictions, TenneT can buy the energy it requires to transport energy. Thereby minimizing the imbalance and the swing.


CQM helped APX develop and implement the optimization model for pricing on the APX market (the short-term energy market). The pricing is achieved by the optimal reconciliation of the complex bidding for demand and supply.

Agro Energy

For AgroEnergy, CQM developed the computational core of its BiedOptimaal (‘Optimal Bid’). This lets market gardeners determine an optimal APX bid that takes into account predictions about the next day, and their own heating and CO2 requirements.

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