Do you want to launch a product in a market but don't have a clear idea of ​​what the main competitors are? Do you want to know what questions consumers ask about products in your market? Do you want to discover the latest trends in, for example, the food sector? Whether developing new products or growing in new markets, understanding consumer needs is critical. On forums and blogs, consumers share stories about their lives, but they also share or ask for advice on anything and everything. These sources hide a wealth of information when analyzed in a structured manner. Analyzing it will give you access to this treasure!


Social listening

Depending on your question, we use the most relevant social listening tools and scrape relevant resources from the internet. We use text mining techniques to structure the data to make the necessary analyses.

But we don't stop there. Because information only becomes relevant when it is made useful. By means of deep dives we provide insight into important topics, we find starting points in new market segments and we provide insight into trends and developments.

This explorative approach brings insights through the eyes of the consumer without you having to talk to them first. You observe their 'digital' conversations and extract useful insights from them.


Do you also want to know what your customers are talking about?

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