As a marketer, you want to trigger consumers at the right time to make a purchase and to make this purchase experience as positive as possible. Purchase stories help you on the one hand to make maximum use of marketing budgets to achieve the highest possible return and on the other hand to better map the purchasing experience of your consumer.


What can you do with purchase stories?

When allocating digital marketing budgets, you want to know as best you can in which digital channel or digital marketing activity to invest in, so that you get the most return on your investment. By collecting historical marketing data, such as actions in combination with conversions or CTR, we can determine where the digital marketing budget can best be spent.

We can also make forecasts of expected conversions before the actual budget is invested. It then becomes visible in advance what a certain increase in budget in conversions results in, for example, search engine advertisements.

CQM is happy to help you get the most out of marketing budgets by identifying the channel and activities for which the budget can best be used. If a consumer actually decides to make a purchase, there is also a lot to learn about it, as companies increasingly ask consumers to fill in questionnaires about their experiences. This can be in a physical store as well as in a digital environment. An assessment expressed in a number alone often does not say enough and you need the qualitative feedback to understand these numbers. But reading and correctly interpreting all this feedback is labor intensive and not always done consistently.


May we help you?

With our analysis we establish the link between the figures and the qualitative feedback. This link provides insight into the drivers of success (and failure) and thus provides direct starting points and room for improvement. Also curious about the customer's experience when purchasing a product and how you can improve this experience even further? Wieke is ready for you.



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