After purchasing a product, consumers often share their experiences with others. This can be in the form of a personal conversation, but more and more often they give feedback by leaving reviews. These reviews are very suitable for mapping out the needs of customers. We analyze written (online) reviews or experiences of consumers who have bought and used the product. Reading many reviews is very time-consuming, by using smart text analysis methods we bring out the articles that are worth reading!


How does CQM approach this?

We go for a typical approach and work together with multidisciplinary development teams within your organization, where everyone is involved to look at a product through the eyes of the consumer and read the relevant articles.

This process identifies new needs and/or determines which problems customers encounter. Linking text to a numerical assessment means that you can still quantify qualitative feedback and make well-founded decisions based on this.

A competition study can also be carried out in a comparable way, which allows you to map out where the strengths of your competitors lie and where there is room for innovation and improvement.


Customer Care

If a consumer encounters a problem with a product or a service, they often contact the Customer Care department. This consumer feedback about your product or service contains a wealth of information.

Because the feedback is often qualitative in nature, it is sometimes difficult to give it the right attention in the organization in a structured way. By means of topic detection and sentiment analysis, we can structurally analyze consumer feedback. This gives you insight into the needs of customers, what questions or problems they have and, for example, insight into necessary upgrades for your product or service.


Do you also want to quantify your reviews?

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