Dr. Bert Schriever

Senior Principal Consultant

The best thing about my job is that every project feels like a new job. Every project brings a new environment and new products, technologies and responsibilities to bring the assignment to a success. In addition, at CQM we work closely with our customers, as if we are one of them. These reasons and the diversity of stakeholders make my work very challenging and varied.

My work experience at CQM goes way back. After my PhD in Statistics, I started working at CQM as a consultant and got to work with Data Science in practice. For over 30 years I have been able to apply statistics and machine learning in research, development, engineering and in improving the production and quality of industrial multinationals. I also like to help people with CQM expertise: creating business value with an approach based on mathematical models. Time and time again it appears that when you understand the essence of the problem, the approach is sometimes surprisingly simple.

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