Smart Warehousing is the smart design and management of your logistics process. This allows you to significantly improve the productivity, capacity and efficiency of logistics. Hardware (robotization/mechanisation) is part of this. But smart management with decision support systems and operational software is just as essential for a successful approach. It is crucial to gain insight into the logistics operation and the most important drivers of this operation by means of realization data. These insights can then be translated into practical planning solutions and custom algorithms. We use techniques within Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


Who is this interesting for?

Of course, properly organizing and improving the logistics operation is interesting for all companies with their own distribution center. But there is especially a lot of value to add for companies with:

  • Large number of different articles (SKUs)
  • Large volume and high turnover rate
  • Large number of different orders (and possibly also customers)

You can achieve great improvements in those companies with Smart Warehousing. Some specific results:

  • Increase order picking productivity and efficiency
  • Increase delivery reliability through on-time and complete deliveries (OTIF)
  • Reduce inventory levels without impacting delivery reliability
  • Improve the filling rate of load carriers and transport
  • More efficient deployment of staff through better forecasting and planning
  • Reduce logistics and supply chain costs


How do you make a warehouse smart?
CQM is an expert in the field of Smart Warehousing and we have extensive experience with smart organization and improvement of logistics. We do this globally with a four-step plan. Each of the steps builds on the previous step, but also provides value on its own.

  1. Descriptive – Insight into current situation/efficiency
  2. Diagnostic – What and to what extent is efficiency affected?
  3. Predictive – What efficiency can we expect on a given day?
  4. Prescriptive – How can we optimize this efficiency?

To increase insight and continuously make the right decisions, the development of a Digital Twin provides great added value. This Digital Twin is the digital copy of your logistics system and we use it to calculate various scenarios and algorithms to show how they score on important KPIs.


Figure 1 - Four step plan based on Gartner's analytics ladder


Do you also want a Smart Warehouse? Enlist the help of CQM!

For example, we can start with a Quick Scan to quickly gain insight into the potential. If desired, we can then help you take the various steps that lead to a Smart Warehouse, with great benefits as a result.

We really immerse ourselves in your business. We really come in, work together with experts from your organization and are part of the team. CQM does not supply standard solutions, but only customized solutions that fully integrate with existing systems and are designed according to your wishes and needs. Practical and goal-oriented so that we create real value in your organization.

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