The development of processes and products is nowadays more and more one of the ways that organizations can stand out from their competitors. The ongoing challenge in development is to go to market quicker and quicker while still delivering high quality, which means no errors.

Functional knowledge can’t only be built up, it also has to be organized - knowledge management. In parallel, customer needs and expectations need to be met - customer insights. Innovation is increasingly about smart use of the vast amounts of information available - Big Data. Amongst other things on the use of products, on consumer preferences and on buying behaviour.

So decisions during development - from initial customer requirements through to mass production - need more than ever before to be quantified and substantiated.

It’s the job of the developer when requested, but also when not asked to do so, to underpin decisions and thoroughly understand the design features. This knowledge creates flexibility and space to manoeuvre during the product development process, facilitates constructive discussions with marketing, and produces alternatives if things get 'stuck' in the initial concept. This accumulated knowledge exposes the potential dangers of an ‘it worked... the first time’ attitude. An attitude that results in reactive behaviour, in that knowledge is accumulated only as and when problems occur.

Making products as successful as possible

CQM helps companies substantiate every relevant issue during the technical processes of R&D, from marketing to production release. The goal: to make your products as successful as possible. We make concrete the market demand, focus on first-time-right designs, optimize the design for mass production, and help find structural solutions to unforeseen problems. We do all these things for leading multinationals in the Netherlands. And should you want, we can do it for you, too.

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