What is quantitative analysis?

When a quantitative analysis is done of your company, it helps you get greater insight into your organization. CQM is an expert in this area, collecting (numerical) data from your organization based on your queries, pain points or opportunities. Targeted quantitative analyzes are then carried out on this data. These quantitative analyzes reveal hard facts and provide insights into your organization. Such an analysis enables you to make better decisions for your company in the future.


Why is a quantitative analysis important?

An analysis of quantitative data provides a great many insights into your company. By combining this data with graphs, tables and figures, CQM can give you specific advice.

CQM has extensive experience in providing advice on the basis of quantitative analyzes. For example, by analyzing the analyzes, CQM was able to advise Stiho to take sharper control of its inventory management, scrap a number of internal transport movements and better align the processes in the warehouse with market requirements. The result was a 15% decrease in costs and a better service.

CQM also assisted the quality department at D.E in their efforts to further reduce the number of customer complaints. Using available production data and experiments, CQM provided appropriate advice based on in-depth quantitative analyzes of the complaints.

In comparable ways, quantitative analysis has proven its added value in every sector, and can do the same for your company.


Which quantitative analysis is best for you? CQM has the answer!

It’s often a difficult process to determine which analysis needs to be carried out. As specialists in quantitative analyzes, CQM can help you here. There are many different techniques and analyzes available, using everything from ANOVA or linear regression to Markov chains, linear programming and more, so it’s important that the best route is chosen. The question that needs to be answered, and the data available to do so, are different in every situation. So every situation must be analyzed employing a specific method. Because our practice experts know how to do this, they can help you hit the ground running!


How can CQM help you with your quantitative analysis?

CQM and our specialists have accumulated a vast amount of relevant experience and expertise, having carried out quantitative analyzes in literally thousands of projects. Which means your company can quickly gain insights into an appropriate quantitative analysis. Amongst other things, CQM can map your transport, logistics chain or development process. In short, CQM is your partner when it comes to analyzing quantitative data.

Curious whether CQM can offer insights into business processes at your company? Get in touch to arrange an informal meeting with one of our experts.

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