Data on the use of products, on consumer preferences, on purchasing behavior, on information flows, on traffic flows, etc is all increasingly available. There are platforms where this data is stored centrally and can be used by anyone, free or at a price. Companies have their own data about their products, production processes and logistics. Public and private data can be combined. A potential source of answers to many questions. But what exactly is the value of 'big data'? And is it the right solution for you?


From data to information

It looks so simple, but how do you get actual knowledge out of all that data? Which questions can it and can’t it answer? Formulating a good question isn’t simple. Moreover, a lot of data doesn’t mean that you won’t draw incorrect conclusions. Many of our customers’ questions are about determining the factors that influence a certain performance measure (KPI). For example: which factors influence the buying behavior of a certain type of product, ensure you have a greater chance of a disease, deliver better sport performances, etc. In order to be able to give sound answers to the questions involves several disciplines: genuine expertise in the scope and knowledge of combining various data sets, establishing relationships, and understanding the quality of those relationships.


CQM helps you answer your questions

In the world around us we see:

  1. our customers with professional knowledge;
  2. knowledge institutions with a focus on methods and techniques; and
  3. IT companies with a focus on platform, tooling and visualization solutions.

The CQM approach is unique because we combine all three! We call it: Data Science. With over 40 years’ experience in this field, CQM has a multidisciplinary team with domain knowledge, IT experts and, of course, both the latest and classic data analysis techniques. It is this combination of disciplines that enables us to help you formulate the right questions, carry out correct data analyzes and interpret the results. Because only then do you get worthwhile knowledge out of your data!


Extensive experience in small, medium and big Data Science

‘Data science’ is the term for extracting and analyzing knowledge from data through techniques and theories derived from disciplines such as mathematics, statistics and information technology. The input for data science can be big data, the term for data sets that are so large or complex that they can’t be processed by regular database management systems. Although ‘big data’ is sometimes seen as the 'answer of all answers', we know from our years of experience that collecting data is never an end in itself.

CQM always starts with a question and not an answer. Which is why data is never the starting point but can be the route to the solution. Each issue requires a tailor-made approach, using complex algorithms only when absolutely necessary. But if they are necessary, we have the knowledge and experience in statistics, optimization and software engineering to deal appropriately with small, medium and big data as part of data science.


Ask your big data question

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Below you’ll find a short film on typical recent questions and the solutions found with the help of big data.



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