An optimal planning for material increases margins and reduces costs, often substantially. Which means investing in optimal transport planning soon has a positive impact on your bottom line.


Complex transportation planning questions? CQM can help!

CQM helps businesses address complex transportation planning issues. We do this using fact-based analysis, quantitative models, and by building and implementing state-of-the-art planning software. Using software tailored for advanced planning and scheduling (APS), we optimize your (intermodal) transportation planning. And by quantifying transport and market data, we can also help you make fact-based policy decisions for the future. So you not only have insight, structure and control today and tomorrow, but also over the medium- and long term. No frills, lean-and-mean, reliable, flexible and optimally profitable.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software tailored to your needs

The strength of CQM is our r/evolutionary approach to development. We don’t provide standard packages but instead develop tailor-made APS software. By expanding the functionality step-by-step we can, for example, be flexible in adapting needs and requirements. Because from years of experience we know that requirements and standards can change during the development process. Moreover, progress monitoring and early involvement of end-users bring other vital benefits. By using an iterative feedback loop we continually get new insights. Which means you get exactly the solution you need.


Increase margins and reduce costs with optimal transport planning

Read our leaflet on transport planning here and get in touch with CQM consultant Peter Hulsen.

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