Innovating is more than just introducing a new software application, more than just a good idea. What’s the secret behind successful innovations by Google, Amazon, Tesla, Uber and AirBnB? It mainly lies in the search for new insights and ideas.


Innovation is a mindset

1) Innovation starts with confidence.

The world is complex and becoming more complex. It’s no longer possible to think of and specify everything in advance. To innovate you need trust in the process and in your collaboration with each other. Our advice: start small. That way you minimize risks and have the opportunity to engage everyone in the process. Thereby laying a foundation for innovation.

2) Innovation means experimenting.

All companies implement new software applications and improved processes. This is not innovation. You just get what you were looking for. But it’s easy to turn implementing into innovation by experimenting. In addition to asking yourself: What do I want to produce or achieve? Also ask yourself the questions: What do I want to learn? What data do I need if we’re to continue learning after implementation? This is the only way to keep innovating.

3) The core of innovation is curiosity!

Wanting to know how things work. And not just know how they work, but really understand it. Underpin things with facts. Based on data.

Curiosity starts with asking the right questions:

- What happened, and why?

- What could or will happen?

- What’s the best result we can achieve?

At CQM, we can answer these questions using mathematics. By applying data analysis, statistics, simulation, forecasting models and mathematical optimization you arrive at new insights, ideas and solutions. This is the core of innovation!

4) Innovation demands perseverance.

What happens if you ask these questions within an organization? You have to deal with different people and therefore different answers. People consider themselves experts: we’ve been doing it this way for years. What’s more, collecting data isn’t easy. Sometimes there is no data, or too little. Sometimes data is contaminated. Or comes from different sources, making it difficult to combine. So to substantiate questions with data, a healthy dose of perseverance is also necessary. But that perseverance will be rewarded.


CQM helps companies innovate!

So innovation is a mindset. The core is curiosity, the solution is data.

CQM is an expert in the field of data. We have over 40 years’ experience when it comes to retrieving and analyzing knowledge from data by means of statistical experiments, optimization techniques and software engineering. 'Wanting to learn' is what drives our consultants. You’ll find no lack of curiosity and perseverance here. And we’d love to help you with your process: from data to ideas, new insights and facts. Innovating together, that's what we do!

Want to know more about our vision when it comes to innovation? Or curious what CQM could do for your organization in this area? We’d be delighted to tell you more. Contact Peter Hulsen.

This text is based on the presentation 'Success formulas in logistics' by Peter Hulsen, delivered amongst other places at ICT & Logistics 2015. If you’d like to receive the accompanying notes, just mail us.


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