The fundamental importance of logistics planning

Good logistics planning is of fundamental importance to your business. It provides the right balance between investments and operational costs on the one hand, and reliable service on the other. Planning is about looking ahead and making decisions, so you’re prepared for the future. Taking the right decisions quickly is becoming increasingly critical in an ever more complex and dynamic world. Luckily, there is more and more data available on which to base your logistics decisions; but do you use that data optimally? The more processes, products and goods flows your company has, the more there is for you to gain. Literally. Because a well-organized logistics chain delivers you satisfied customers and high turnover against responsible costs.


Optimizing your logistics planning

A powerful way to optimize your logistics planning is to work with your logistics team, employing a fact-based approach and working towards quantitatively substantiated choices. Choices based on statistical data analysis, smart calculation and optimization models, and dynamic simulations. At the operational, tactical or strategic level. And fully tailored to your specific circumstances. These methods have proven their added value within many companies in addressing a wide variety of questions, such as:

• How do I decide when and where to produce?

• How do I optimally manage my stocks?

• How can I continue to meet the needs of my customers?

• How do I best support my S&OP process?

• How do I optimize my transportation?

• How do I minimize the transportation of empty containers?

• How do I deal with all my transportation modalities?

• What is the savings potential of larger time windows?

• Which loads do we transport ourselves and which do we outsource?


How can CQM help you optimize your logistics planning?

CQM gives you insight, structure and software for the optimization of your logistics planning. Whether it’s planning your supply chain, your transport or your production. CQM’s consultants are skilled in making complex logistical planning situations manageable. In close collaboration with you and your planners, we develop solutions at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. Using our knowledge of advanced models and experience in building customized software, we achieve structural improvements to your planning situation. With CQM as your partner, you get a solution that works.

Curious how CQM could optimize the logistics planning of your business? Get in touch to arrange an informal meeting with one of our experts.


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