Deep Learning is an aspect of Machine Learning. It involves the use of artificial neural networks to train smart algorithms to discover patterns and so find valuable information from amongst large (often unstructured) amounts of data. Recent applications of Deep Learning in research areas such as image recognition, speech recognition, translation, text analysis and even the complex board game Go have shown similar or even better performances than the human brain.


Why should you use Deep Learning in your organization?

Automation is vital for profitable business operations. Automating and optimizing business processes makes your organization better equipped to grow and more robust for dealing with change. In every department, from marketing to production to transport, automated processes have become indispensable. Essentially, using Deep Learning is automating and optimizing processes that until recently could only be successfully carried out by people. For example, various kinds of (visual) inspections or (textual) analyses of customer reviews. CQM’s approach is to think with you about how we can create added value within your organization.


Carrying out Deep Learning projects together with CQM?

CQM has over 40 years’ experience in creating added value for a wide variety of clients through the application of complex mathematics. But for Deep Learning, it’s not only complex mathematics that’s important. It also requires domain-specific knowledge from within your own organization. CQM has the right hardware, software, knowledge and enthusiasm to work with your organization to make Deep Learning a business success!

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Interested to see a successful example of Deep Learning being applied in practice?

See how, using Machine Learning and automated image recognition, we made the inspection of train tracks 5 times more efficient for VolkerRail /Inspectation.

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