Our bright sparks like nothing more than working with you to solve the most complex problems within your organisation. Whether it concerns planning or logistics, product innovation or process innovation. We apply our considerable expertise, boundless curiosity and unparalleled passion to any question involving Data Science, statistics or mathematical optimization. Viewing each challenge with an open-minded, fresh perspective, and creating order and structure. Independently but always in collaboration with you. Because while we love data, the human aspect of our work is what really counts. So to ensure we always find you the best solution that’s workable in practice, we explore the possibilities together with you, remaining flexible and adaptable, and never shying from sensitive issues. We believe in, and go for, that shared success. And we’ve been doing this for over 40 years, for a diverse range of customers, both new and longstanding. Something of which we’re extremely proud.

We are CQM. We make complex decisions simple.