CQM is a strategic partner who helps you take your organization, processes, employees, products and services to a higher level on a structural basis. Our approach is unique. First and foremost, we address issues from a facts-based, quantitative, modeling perspective. So your decisions are based on solid foundations. Underpinned by what we can honestly say is a very high level of knowledge and experience.


Only the very best solutions

But perhaps more important, we’re not mere number-crunchers or think tank-types. We’re deeply committed to offering our clients only the very best solutions. Something we can only achieve because we immerse ourselves in your business situation.

We’re also renowned for our ability to empathise with clients and determination to tackle problems together with you and your staff as one team. A joint approach that also creates a wide internal buy-in for any improvements needed. And finally, we have a wealth of up-to-date knowledge in-house. Knowledge that we’re only too happy to share with our clients.


Experienced experts

For over 40 years now, this approach has proved successful for a wide range of clients facing a huge variety of issues. Clients who come back to us time and again. Reinforcing our conviction that quantitative methods combined with a personal approach really do work. Inspiring us to enthusiastically grab each new challenge with both hands.