CQM offers a route planning service for the extremely fast calculation of the distances between large numbers of addresses, thus enabling automatic route planning. Thanks to ingenious optimization software, you can share out all your orders between vehicles and determine the ideal order/route per vehicle. Customization is standard here: our mathematicians and IT specialists develop exactly and specifically what you need!


Web service or local

The route planning service is available on a subscription basis via a web service. We manage the software which you use via a SOAP interface. These services can also be installed locally on your server. You then manage the route planning service yourself.

A few of the benefits at a glance:

  • Free map material
  • Affordable solution without expensive updates
  • Worldwide route information
  • Clear visualization
  • Fast algorithms
  • Local installation or web service
  • Intermodal route planning
  • Focus on professional transport


CQM’s route planning service

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