The world is changing fast. Maneuverability and flexibility are therefore becoming increasingly important. Companies must anticipate trends and proactively make decisions to be successful. Misses are not allowed. And they are no longer necessary… Because with a Digital Twin – a (real-time) virtual representation of a physical object or system – you can see very clearly and without risk how a product/system is performing by means of a simulated representation of reality. behaves. This can be done with a simulation or described in a model. The digital representation makes it possible to predict, visualize and analyze the consequences of changed circumstances. With this insight you can increase the effectiveness and accuracy of decision making, improve performance and optimize processes!


What can I use a Digital Twin for?

Digital Twins are used in the early stages of product development. When designing a new product (R&D). But also in production itself and in later stages of the product life cycle, such as inspection and maintenance. Especially in highly competitive environments, even the smallest improvements can make a big difference. The digital transformation to dynamic, self-learning systems such as Digital Twins, predictive simulation and AI is indispensable in this regard.

But the supply chain is also increasingly working with Digital Twins and simulation technology. Consider the advantage of building a digital model on which all kinds of actions and scenarios can be tested in a virtual environment before they are physically executed – in the real world. So without running any risk or disrupting normal business.


Digital Twins from CQM

We have been helping our clients for 40 years by providing insight into complex processes with Data Science and smart analysis methods (models and simulations). For example, by predicting the impact of decisions so that they can then be made fact-based. We can therefore say that we have considerable experience with Digital Twins and simulation, both in optimizing the supply chain (planning and logistics) and in improving product and process innovation (R&D).

A number of successful applications of Digital Twins from the practice of CQM:


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