Planning and controlling production in a smart way, that's what we call Smart Planning. Whether it concerns capacity planning, machine scheduling or order allocation: with the help of mathematical optimization you can make better use of the production resources, work more efficiently and thus deliver better performance overall.

Process improvements, optimizing ease of use and automating production tasks and processes are important parts of improving planning. But with Smart Planning we mainly focus on – as the word implies – smart planning. We look at all the possibilities of your logistics process, so that you ultimately save costs, save time and can run more production, for example!


How do you make the planning smart?

The planning puzzle is often complex. In order to plan faster and better, it is important to support the planner in all facets, so that he can do his job better. How? By generating optimal proposals. We do this by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Clarify what makes a plan good:

If you put two plans side by side, what makes one plan better than the other? By targeting the right KPIs, you get a good planning. The various KPIs that are important to make a plan accepted and executable must be balanced and taken into account in the planning.

  • Use a helicopter perspective:

By integrally optimizing the overall costs, you prevent problems from shifting. For example, what is efficient for the production line may be inconvenient for the packing line, negating any savings on the production line on the packing line.

  • Calculate better solutions faster:

We use state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and customization to generate the best possible solution as quickly as possible. Despite the complexity of the planning puzzles, it is often possible to determine the best one from the millions of different possibilities by using an optimization algorithm.

  • Look at several alternative solutions:

The planner is only really supported if he can turn the buttons and thus get alternative plans. By means of scenario planning, he is presented with various situations, so that the best choice can be made.


How do you put Smart Planning into practice?

When operationalizing Smart Planning, we offer two types of solutions:

  • We provide complete APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solutions
  • We make smart software components that are integrated into the existing IT landscape

We offer complete APS solutions based on the platforms of our partners AIMMS and ICRON. These platforms provide the technology for user screens and interaction, data and system integration, and model building for optimization. By combining our modeling expertise with the most powerful algorithms on the market, the optimal solution can be calculated for incredibly complex planning issues.

We already did this for: FUJIFILM, Vion, Landgeflügel and Kuehne+Nagel.


Do you also want to get started with Smart Planning?

By integrating our tailor-made smart components into existing systems and processes, the calculations are taken off your hands and better plans are created. Adding extra intelligent to existing systems in this way means minimal impact on processes and systems and maximum impact on the quality of generated plans. Do you want this too? Jacob Jan is happy to help you!

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