Almost anything can be quantified and, using mathematical modeling, also be analysed and optimized. Our clients and the projects on which we work for them are extremely diverse. Our methodology, however, has always had one distinctive feature.


The strength of CQM

At CQM we attach great importance to collaboration with the client. Tackling and solving problems as one team. Iterative developments, agile progress, scrumming — whatever you call it, we believe in close cooperation. Together specifying the problem; mapping the variables, uncertainties and influencing factors; and adopting a quantitative, modeling approach to the issue.


​Pragmatic mathematics

Such an approach makes a problem clear and uncovers its background. But CQM's methodological know-how only work when combined with the actual practices of the client.
A model offers the opportunity to work with you in order to compare alternative solutions, reach the optimal decision, or identify other routes to improvement. Concrete solutions with immediately benefits. The CQM approach helps you understand problems better and so achieve structural improvements. Whether that’s the development of customised software or fact-based support for management decisions.