CQM can support your company or organization in the area of forecasting. Putting the future into sharp relief, so you can better anticipate the changes that are coming. By mapping the future in a structured way, you can make better decisions to face that future. So you can look to the future with confidence, keeping your customers satisfied and reducing your costs.


Forecasting: preparing for the future

Forecasting means looking into the future. Whether that’s how many travelers will use your trains next year, what the demand will be for your products in the next quarter or how much mail you’ll have to process next week. Quantifying the future helps you make the right decisions about purchasing materials or products, reserving sufficient capacity or ensuring the availability of personnel. A good forecast gives your company the insights it needs to respond adequately and in time to changes. So that your business processes remain effective and efficient, and your customers satisfied.


Forecasting: good forecasting through analysis and interpretation

CQM uses historical data and quantitative models to get insights into the patterns that connect the past with the future. But in practice, that alone is not enough to get really high-quality predictions. You also need the knowledge of experts to be able to interpret the results of the analyzes properly and, if necessary, adjust them. Which is why with these sorts of projects, CQM always works closely with your business experts.


Forecasting: CQM helps you make high-quality predictions

CQM is an expert in forecasting. With over 40 years’ project experience in the field of data science and forecasting, we know exactly how we can best support you. Together with your experts, we develop a forecasting process, using the support of mathematical models and software. So that the forecasting process you get seamlessly connects with other important business processes. This close and transparent collaboration also ensures the solutions are supported and certain to contribute to the success of your organization.

In the NS (Dutch Railways) case study, you can see just what our contribution has been to NS in the field of forecasting.

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