Design, modeling, analysis and optimization

For many years now, CQM has been optimizing the supply chains of national and international companies. We can design the supply chain for an entirely new situation; but also model, analyze and optimize existing circumstances.


CQM supports designing smart supply chains for a new situation or making existing supply chains more effective

We do this based on quantitative models and working in tandem with you and your specialists. Together with you we define the variables we have to take into account. We then collect and analyze data about your products, production process, warehousing, transportation, market demand and market requirements. We also take into consideration future developments, such as new products, changing market demand and cost developments. We process all this data in mathematical models. Running varying scenarios to identify, with or without given restrictions, your optimal network.


Save time and money by letting CQM create a sound basis from which you can immediately begin optimizing your supply chain design.

Strategic network design quickly delivers major financial and organizational benefits, but the process can often be time-consuming and expensive. Which is why we’ve developed a number of building blocks that can be quickly and flexibly combined to create a model tailored to your specific situation. This approach not only saves you time and money, it also guarantees you get the best supply chain design proposals to meet your needs. With CQM’s flexible building blocks and guidance throughout the process, you get advice that’s tailor-made yet affordable.

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