CQM has years of experience in the world of railways and is a trusted name with a variety of leading companies in the sector, such as ProRail, NS, KeyRail and NedTrain. Using a wide range of tools including simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, data analysis and visualization, CQM supports businesses in the rail world solve complex issues around passengers, trains and infrastructure.


Infrastructure - maintenance, capacity, security and reporting

CQM develops software for visualization of the rail infrastructure. Visualizations that are used daily by ProRail to analyse and optimise the track, in areas such as maintenance scheduling. One example is routing of the Video Inspection Train, which must periodically inspect all switches in the Netherlands. In addition, our simulations help both KeyRail and ProRail address capacity issues.


Trains - impact of weather, maintenance teams optimisation, timetable evaluation

CQM uses simulation and data analysis to carry out research into the impact of weather conditions, such as snow or autumn leaves, on train delays. We also help think how to optimise the deployment of maintenance teams. And contribute to improving safety, by developing tighter plans on standards for times between trains, depending on planning times, train type and specific infrastructure.


Passengers – predicting passenger numbers; passenger satisfaction

Using statistical models, CQM helps NS by predicting the number of passengers in a train. We also help develop KPIs for passenger satisfaction and determining actual passenger numbers in the train on the basis of different data sources, including OV-chip card (Public Transport smart card) data.

Rail sub areas

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