Karlijn Creemers

MarCom Manager

"Communication is the key to connection"

Connecting people (or having them connected), that is my profession! As a communication manager I give (strategic) communication advice to the Management Team and the consultants of CQM. Whether it is CQM's corporate branding, inbound marketing or internal communication... It is my passion to facilitate connections between inside and outside, visionaries and executors, service provider and client, organization and talent. I prefer to be at the intersection with Management Science, HR, Sales and Psychology.

In my work I am also a typical Libra and therefore constantly looking for the balance between stimulation and polishing, listening and telling, thinking and doing, commerce and authenticity, organization and people, perception and reality. In addition and in all modesty, I use the following positive qualities: honest/sincere, intuitive, diligent (others may also call this perfectionist), result-oriented, enthusiastic, professional, creative, demanding, open-minded and approachable. So please feel free to contact me!

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