The ongoing challenge of development is to bring your product to market as quickly as possible and without errors. You want to avoid technical problems and detect them as early as possible. After all, the recall of a product from the market is expensive and bad for your image. While a product launch delayed by technical problems can cause endless logistical problems, and even hiccups during the development process can trigger such delays.

CQM helps you develop products smarter and quicker
It’s important to address technical problems as early as possible, as they are generally more difficult to solve the more advanced the development process becomes. Here, too, CQM adopts a quantitative approach.

At a very early stage, we predict the performance: how well will the product meet the final specs? Using a mathematical model, we translate the end-product specifications into component and process parameters. Using this model, you can calculate changes in the design and approximate reality as closely as possible. It also provides insights into the performance of the product and processes, so you can avoid problems and not fall behind schedule. The CQM approach has more than proved itself over time: in the development of an optimal product, but also in the underlying processes. First-time-right design and, above all: understand how it works.

From design to mass production
Once the basic design has been determined, you prepare your new product for mass production. The production line is set-up and optimized. How do you achieve as quickly as possible a stable and predictable process that meets the set criteria? There must be fact-based evidence that the high standards of production have been fulfilled. This should include aspects such as the life and reliability of the product. During this phase, problem-solving can often also play a key role.

The CQM approach has now more than proved itself: in the development of an optimal product, as well as in the underlying processes. First-time-right design and, above all: understand how it works. As a result, you develop products more simply, faster and better.

Peter Stehouwer
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