Dr. Joost van Sambeeck


I lived on a farm for over 20 years. I inherited my work mentality from home: sober, don't worry and work hard. My heart has always lingered a bit in this industry, which is why I enjoy being able to work with clients from the agricultural sector at CQM. There, too, many things can be done more efficiently and digitally, so it is great to contribute to this.

I also have a background in Econometrics & Operational Research. I particularly like applications in which a human component and mathematics come together, such as my PhD research at the Dutch blood bank. I am driven and enthusiastic about challenges, I am tough and do not give up easily. Not even when it gets very difficult. In addition, I am happy when others become happy with the solution I have proposed and integrated. Collaboration plays an essential role for me and that is why I am feeling perfectly at home at CQM.

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