CQM, data science specialist for over 35 years

What is data science?

Data science is the term for extracting and analyzing knowledge from data using techniques and theories drawn from disciplines such as mathematics, statistics and information technology. The input for data science may be Big Data: when data sets become so large or complex that they can’t be processed by regular database management systems, this is known as Big Data.

Data science: from query to answer

Even though the term ‘Big Data’ is sometimes seen as the 'answer to everything’, we know from years of experience that collecting data should never be an end in itself. CQM always starts with a question rather than an answer. Which is why data is never the starting point, but can be the path to the solution. Every issue requires its own tailor-made approach, with complex algorithms only being used when really needed. CQM has the necessary knowhow and experience in statistics, optimization and software engineering to make appropriate use of small, medium and/or big data as an element of data science.



What makes CQM a specialist in data science?

  • Over 35 years project experience with data science.
  • We employ 35 data scientists with a minimum of an academic degree in Mathematics, Econometrics and/or Computer Science.
  • There is intensive collaboration with clients, through optimal use of existing domain knowledge, to create sustainable solutions that address the client’s specific questions.
  • CQM has delivered some 3,500 data science projects for companies such as Philips, ASML, NS, ProRail, AgroEnergy, Essent, Tata, Den Hartogh, Van Gansewinkel, Panalytical, Océ, RDW and The Ministry of Finance.
  • Where necessary, we work together with partners like KPMG, IBM, SAS and DSC/e to come up with the best possible solutions.
Drs. Marnix Zoutenbier

Drs. Marnix Zoutenbier

Principal Consultant