How do you give your product that Wow! factor? It all starts with the concrete formulation of the demand, but that’s not that easy. R&D departments tend to see technical solutions from their own perspective. While a marketeer thinks in non-specific terms. And both can be very different from how consumers actually see things.

Effective Product development: CQM helps quantify what the customer wants
We identify the needs in terms of product features and stand-out characteristics, but never forget the basic 'obvious' aspects. Vague terms like ‘beautiful’, ‘fast’ or ‘user-friendly’ are turned into specific system requirements. At the same time, we prioritize product features and performances to create an optimal balance and a viable product.

CQM translates subjective demands into specific system requirements
In other words, CQM translates subjective market demands into specific system requirements. Ensuring your new product really is what the market wants. Helping companies select and define the right development routes, so you only persist with those R&D projects that have a good chance of succeeding.

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