Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing has evolved over the years from an innovative idea to a core part of business and marketing strategies. Analysis of big data on, for example, consumer interaction and engagement enables predictions about future behavior. Giving you invaluable data to enhance your marketing efforts. CQM helps you analyze big data for marketing objectives, such as digital marketing budgets.

Data-driven marketing for digital marketing budgets

Obviously when allocating digital marketing budgets, you want to know as best you can in which digital channels or digital marketing activities you can best invest. By collecting your historical marketing data, such as conversions or clicks, we can determine where you can best spend your digital marketing budget. We can also make forecasts of expected conversions before you actually invest money. Letting you see in advance what a given increase in, for example, your budget for search engine ads will actually generate in terms of conversions.

Analysis for conversion optimization

CQM wants to help you get the most out of your marketing budget, by identifying the channels where you can best invest your budget. But not only that. We also increase your conversion rate through personalized content on your website. Making the link between the data collected on consumers’ surfing behavior and who visits your website. So you can create a profile based on the click behavior of your visitors and then show personalized content to increase conversions.

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Drs. Suzanne van Loon

Drs. Suzanne van Loon

Senior Consultant