Marketing intelligence involves collecting and analyzing external data about a market so a company can make considered, well-founded investment decisions. CQM helps you do this, by providing actionable insights from social media, forum posts, online reviews and historical data from digital channels.

Customer insights and marketing intelligence

In recent years, internet reviews and messages on social media and forums have provided invaluable insights into word-of-mouth advertising. In particular, insights into the behavior and opinions of consumers. Internet reviews usually answer general and product-oriented questions, while messages on social media are often more question and problem-oriented.

Using marketing intelligence, we can answer questions your organization may have about markets in which you operate or wish to enter. In doing so, we also identify what people are talking about regarding your product, so you can quickly pinpoint important and upcoming topics in that market.

Quantitative market research

Our consultants are always pleased to discuss how we can use quantitative methods to help you answer your marketing questions. You may be interested in big data analyses, so you can make optimal use of your marketing budgets. Or perhaps you want to know more about analyzes of internet reviews of your products and those of your competitors. We can also throw light on the link between what consumers write and the ratings they give you. Or explore the opportunities you open up by having us provide a quantitative analysis of your customer requirements.

Whatever your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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