Supply Chain Optimization with ICRON

CQM develops customized planning and decision-supporting software applications. ICRON software is often used for this. ICRON is the leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions. ICRON’s knowledge, experience, and proven technology fuel our customers’ supply chain performance, empowering them to exceed their business goals.


Applications in the supply chain

ICRON's optimized decision optimization platform gives companies the ability to visualize, synchronize and optimize their end-to-end activities, thereby increasing productivity and profitability. The customized solutions that ICRON and CQM develop together are usually focused on being able to take real time optimized decisions in order to improve operational efficiency, delivery performance and bottom-line results.


ICRON partnership

ICRON has been working hard for almost 30 years. CQM has been a strategic partner of ICRON for the last decade. Our intelligence and advisory skills combine perfectly with the software skills of the ICRON team of academics and industry professionals. Together we offer high-quality solutions for our clients. Custom applications to support your most important processes and decisions!



  • ASML
  • Royal Smit Transformers
  • NewPort Tank Containers
  • Celler Land Frishgeflügel



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Dr. ir. Arjen Vestjens

Dr. ir. Arjen Vestjens

Managing Partner