Customer intelligence

CQM uses consumer intelligence to help you approach your consumers in as focused a way as possible. We collect, analyze and employ customer data so you can direct your efforts with more precision. For example, by measuring and analyzing purchasing and web behavior, such as clicks on websites or internet reviews.

If needed, we can supplement this information with data from external sources, such as web analysis tools and social media, and can also include data from competitors and/or rival products. We continuously update the data we collect, so you get to know your customers better and better. Enabling you to optimally target and personalize how you approach your customers.


Analyzing (competitor) reviews

When analyzing internet reviews, we link what consumers write with the ratings they give. From this data we can, for example, track what the customer considers important and on which factors their final rating is based.

Other questions we can answer through review analysis include:

  • Why you score lower than your competition.
  • Which products/brands are seen as comparable on social media.
  • Which factors have the most influence on the rating.
  • What happens to the ratings when you improve a specific factor.
  • What wording consumers use in relation to various aspects of a product.

When analyzing reviews, we use different data sources, depending on the type of question. We can also make predictions (predictive analytics) about, for example, the impact of an assessment on the final rating, were you to make adjustments to given elements, such as the accessibility and user-friendliness of your customer service. We can also carry out research based on reviews of competing products/brands. Giving you invaluable data for existing or yet-to-be-developed products.


Insights into customer data using quantitative methods

There are various quantitative methods we can employ to give you insights into your customer data, so that you gradually get to know your customer better and can better focus on how you approach them. CQM would be delighted to help you identify which method best suits your specific demands and objectives. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.


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Wieke Selten MSc

Wieke Selten MSc