Customer-needs research

Through research into customer needs, we help your company identify the requirements, wishes and expectations of the consumer. Perhaps you already have hunches within your organization regarding customer needs, but don’t know for sure what the consumer really thinks. With needs research you can be sure, and it will identify important unmet customer needs.

Using social media and forum posts to map consumer needs

In recent years, social media and forum posts have given us clear insights into word-of-mouth advertising. CQM uncovers how customers talk about your products or services in social media and forum posts, by means of ‘story clustering’. We investigate what consumers say about certain products, what they associate them with, and whether reactions are positive or negative. Here we separate pre- and post-purchase needs research.


Before purchasing a product, many consumers orientate themselves via social media. They ask questions, often creating conversations between orientating and existing customers, who tell of their experiences. By means of topic detection and sentiment analysis on social media and forums, we can identify particular topics and thus map the needs of your potential customers. This also identifies where people’s concerns lie and what questions they might still have before purchasing a product. We can also determine what words and terminology orientating customers use, so you can sharpen your business proposition to win over the right target group in the right way.


After purchasing a product, consumers often share their experiences via reviews. Here, too, we can map the needs of customers. We analyze all written (online) reviews from consumers who have used the product. Allowing you to identify both new needs and ongoing problems your customers face. We can also carry out competitor research, providing an analysis of competitor products that reveals exactly how consumers compare your products with those of others.

Actionable insights that let you respond to customer needs

In order to better understand the market from the perspective of the consumer, we can analyze social media and forum posts using quantitative methods. This research reveals similarities between different products/brands from a consumer perspective. Giving you insights into what consumers actually talk about, so you can make better informed product decisions.

CQM helps you quantify customer needs, so your company can make well-grounded and responsible decisions. We’d love to help you get a better understanding of what your customers really want. Interested in discussing your possibilities with one of our consultants? Simply get in touch.


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Dr. ir. Peter Stehouwer

Dr. ir. Peter Stehouwer

Senior Principal Consultant