Many consumers look online for the purchase of consumer products. They ask questions in forums or on social media and this often leads to conversations between exploratory customers and existing customers who talk about their experiences. By means of topic detection and sentiment analysis on social media and forums, we can identify certain topics for you and map the needs of your potential customers.


What's possible?

In this way it can be determined what people are unsure about and what questions they may still have before purchasing a product. With this, for example, a specific FAQ can be developed that answers questions that really matter to consumers.

We can also determine which words and terminologies orienting customers use, so that the right target group is addressed and convinced in the right way in marketing communication.

Another application is mapping with which competing products your product is often mentioned in conversations. Network analysis can be used to map out what direct competitors are through the eyes of consumers. This not only works in markets that you already know very well, but also in new markets where little knowledge is available.


Do you want this too?

Have you become curious about how you can use our orientation stories to gain insight into the purchasing and decision-making process of your consumers and what their considerations are? Wieke is happy to help you!


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