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Computer models such as FEM, CFD, SPICE and ray trace are often used to analyze the effect on the final product of changes in design and noise parameters. But it’s not always that easy to use these computer models for this purpose because:

  • A single simulation run may require hours of computing time
  • There are often many different design (input) and end-product (output) parameters
  • The relationship between the input and output parameters is too complex to be seen immediately
  • There are conflicting end-product parameters (i.e. if one parameter improves, another worsens)
  • There are also sometimes preconditions

This all makes it a time-consuming job finding the best design, and many organizations don’t manage it in time.

But with COMPACT that’s a thing of the past. COMPACT is a design tool that, on the basis of any computer model, calculates your optimal and most robust product design.

The COMPACT methodology:

COMPACT generates easy-to-use approximations - to whatever desired accuracy - of the computer model. These 'COMPACT models' can then be used for estimating simulation outcomes, robustness analysis and multi-response optimization. For this, state-of-the-art statistical and optimization techniques are used. With its user-friendly user interface, this all happens ‘under the hood’ of COMPACT.


User-friendly software

For over 10 years now, many designers and engineers have been using COMPACT to identify an optimal and robust design with their computer model. To see an application example, go to

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Dr. Bert Schriever

Dr. Bert Schriever